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Getting Here

Skogsvägen 2.jpg

Bus: 401 or 403

Bus stop: Nackanäs


Walk over the small bridge to the forest. Arrival to Sickla Sauna goes via the pathway pictured. Follow this path up the hill and down again.

Gettig Here

If you drive, there is a parking at Sicklavallen, a short walk away!

It is free for 4 hours. If that doesn't work out, then there is a three hour free parking below the grocery store Willys in Sickla Köpkvarter.

Grinden sommar.jpg

The gate to Sickla Sauna is a bit secretive but easy to access.


After passing over the the second house on the path and going down the steep part, there is a gate to the left. It will be unlocked for you at your booked time.

Access the sauna boat by the gangway.

What to Expect

What to Expect

We offer slippers to keep your feet clean and warm!


We want to kindly ask you to keep the sauna clean by wiping off dirt from the shoes and put them on the shelves. The changing room floor can be chilly, especially in winter, so find a size of slippers that fits you. They are optional of course and you can bring your own! We clean the slippers regularly.


Every visitor gets a Sickla Sauna set placed on the bench:


  • A large luxurious towel made of organic Supima Egyptian combed cotton

  • A genuine Finnish linen sit towel for the sauna

  • A linen sauna pillow that matches the sit towel and can be used for your back or head in the sauna

  • An insulated bottle filled with fresh cold Swedish water


Two changing rooms with several hooks where you can change into your swimgear, or stay naked if you please :)


There should be enough space for all your belongings. Remember to remove any jewellery that might sting when hot in the sauna.

Sommar utsikt NV.jpg

The sauna boat is equipped with an environmentally friendly stove!


Enjoy the relaxing heat from the pre warmed wood burning stove. It is equipped with a newly developed eco combustion system, reducing CO emissions by 70% and particle emissions by 20% compared to a traditional wood burning stove.

Do you like it warm, hot or sizzling? If you are happy with the heat of the sauna space, one big or two thinner logs is a good amount to feed into the stove. If you want the sauna at max temperature, then fill the stove as much as it can take. Adding water to the stones increases the invigorating effect. You can add one or two scoops to the top of the stones on the stove at any time.

A stereo to play your favourite music, if you think it's too quiet!


There is a music system with a loudspeaker in the changing area as well as in the sauna. To connect to it follow the instructions on the wall. All you need to remember is to bring your music on any device with Bluetooth connectivity, like your phone.

Sommar utsikt NV.jpg

The view outside is spectacular! Relax, enjoying the warmth and watch the dancing flames.


There are large windows throughout the sauna. At the dock they are facing west and north, to get the best view as possible. It feels like you're almost dipping your toes in the water and see the sky at the same time. It's simply amazing according to us!


Too hot? Take a dip and stay hydrated!

Once the heat is getting too much we would encourage you to step outside, enjoy another view from the sauna and if you feel like it - take a dip in the lake. It is often nice to do several sauna sittings and several cool-downs.

You have Two hours sauna time, which is plenty, so take your time to relax and enjoy yourselves. Once you are ready to leave, put everything back and close the door. Now enjoy the freshness and relaxation that comes after a great sauna experience.

Plattform badbåt.jpg

In addition to the sauna boat, we offer a raft and SUPs!

Are you a larger crew or just looking for additional activities, then we are happy to offer both a raft and stand-up paddleboards. The raft is equipped with a sun powered electric motor and is perfect for cruises, swimming, sunbathing, and floating meals, while the SUPs are great for exercising and pure fun. Let us know if you are interested in these during your visit!

Seasonal Differences

The Winter Experience

Seasonal Differences

In the winter the sun is low and it's mostly dark. During the dark hours you can see the skyline lit up. Try having the lights on or off on both the outside and inside. This way you can adjust what you want to see and to be seen. The focus is the company, the serenity and calm, and on oneself. It's the perfect time of year to really be in the now!

If the access is though a hole in the ice, it means the water temperature is zero degrees. In this unique situation you can enjoy an unusual and amazing experience by taking a cold bath. It's really refreshing! If you decide on it, be careful not to let go of the ladder or stay too long in the water. It's also advisable to do this in pairs, so that you can keep an eye on each other.


NB! Be careful when you walk to and from the ladder. During this time of year the surface can be very slippery.

The Summer Experience

Sommar tur utsikt N.jpg
Sommar utsikt V.jpg

The Summer experience is beautiful and can be quite magical! The sunsets are fantastic this time of year. Come and see for yourself!

In the months when there is no ice and it is light out in the evenings we offer 3h sauna cruises. We really like going out on the lake with the sauna ourselves, it is truly spectacular to glide around with the quiet electric motor in this amazing environment. We're very happy to be able to offer this option in the summer time :) 

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