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  • What does Sickla Sauna offer?
    Sickla Sauna is a family owned sauna boat we call Zen. We offer a high quality experience which is luxurious and environmentally friendly. All materials are Nordic and Japanese, and most products are biodegradable. We want you to be able to come as you are, without worries, and have an invigorating and memorable experience. We provide everything you need, except for swim gear. For larger groups, or if you just want to have more fun, we offer a platform (see tab: Details) and SUPs. In case you need a toilet, check the FAQ. In the Summer we'll be offering cruises, so please stay tuned!
  • Will you be offering other types of Beverage or Snacks?
    We do not offer any other beverage or snacks yet, except for the cold insulated water bottle we provide for each visitor. Shortly we'll have a cooler with some other type of refreshments, so stay tuned! Please let us know if you have any suggestions or inquiries. Also read our Rules before your visit.
  • If I Bring a Car, Where do I Park?
    The closest parking is either at Sicklavallen or at Sickla Köpkvarter, a few hundred meters away. It's free too for at least 3 hours! From there you can take a peaceful walk to Sickla Sauna.
  • How many people does Sickla Sauna accommodate?
    We would say 4-6 grown ups well and snug up to 8 with children. Larger groups can rent an additional platform, and/or SUPs. Please contact us for more details!
  • What do you Provide and what do I need to Bring?
    The sauna will be pre heated when you arrive and we provide you with a; Large and luxurious towel made of organic Supima cotton Finnish linen sauna cover Sauna pillow matching the cover Pair of slippers Bottle of fresh water There will also be enough wood for your whole visit and a bluetooth music system to play your favourite songs. To be very extreme, you don't have to bring anything! But if you don't like to be naked, then we'd say swim gear 😊 and remember to go to the toilet beforehand, because we don't have one on board.
  • Tell me about your cancellation policy
    We understand that things happen and plans can change. Because of this you are free to cancel your reservations free of charge up until 48h before your booked time. If you cancel your booking with less than 48h remaining until the booked time we do no longer return the paid amount.
  • How and when do I Pay for my visit?
    We accept payments via Swish, PayPal, or Revolut. Payment is done at the time of booking as a confirmation. If no payment has arrived within 24h of the reservation, your appointment will be deleted. Our cancellation policy is that you get a full refund for all cancellations minimum 48h before your appointment, after that there is no refund as we won't be able to get new bookings for that time slot.
  • We would like to Celebrate something, is that ok?
    Yes, as long as you keep all noise on a peaceful level, then that should be fine, i.e. no yelling or loud music is allowed. If you need help coordinating anything, let us know and we'll try to accommodate you if possible.
  • How does Sickla Sauna compare to other saunas in the Area?
    The saunas we have found are a lot more expensive to rent, but are also bigger, for more people, and often party oriented (like hen and stag parties). Our high-end sauna is different in that sense. It can accommodate 4-6 people well and snug up to 8 people on the sauna benches inside. It's a quality sauna boat with a quiet electric motor to relax and enjoy the beauty both inside and outside. We focus on well-being - all year round!
  • Is There a Shower or Toilet?
    No, unfortunately we could not fit either a shower or a toilet on Sickla Sauna. This would have been awesome, but the cost and upkeep made us decide to keep it simple. Also here Sickla Köpkvarter comes in handy, since there is a free toilet outside the grocery store Willys. In case of emergency, and if we are home, you are welcome to use ours! Knock on the glass door and we'll show you in the right direction.
  • There is a Motor on the sauna, can we take a Cruise?
    Only if you have booked a cruise. Please let us know beforehand if you are interested in going out on the water! We're planning on offering cruises with the sauna boat. Today it's still challenging to moor and we have to find a better solution. As soon as we have more information, we'll update the site. Please visit us again soon to stay updated or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Can we Dive into the water?
    No, we would not recommend you to dive from the boat. The lake is shallow. Only if you're on a cruise, in the middle of the lake, away from any rocks or branches, and made sure it's deep enough. Then, and only then, it might be OK. We do not take responsibility for any bad judgements.
  • Do you have any Rules?
    We're glad you asked! Yes, please be careful and don't stain or break anything. This means no drinks or snacks except what we provide. If we notice any stains or if anything breaks, we need you to pay for cleaning and/or repair. Of course. And please keep all noise on a peaceful level, i.e. no yelling or loud music is allowed.
  • I have an Issue or Emergency, what do I do?
    If you have an emergency of any kind (apart from needing to go to the toilet), please call 112. Any other issues, please reach out to us. Thomas is available at +46 (0)70 717 4745 and Diana at +46 (0)70 739 5952.
  • Do we need to Do anything before we leave?
    Apart from making sure everything looks OK and you have your belongings with you, please provide us with a Review as this means so much for us ♥️ A BIG thank you in advance! We hope you enjoyed your visit. Welcome back!
  • We love the location! Do you offer anything else?
    Yes, we actually have an AirBnB and during the Summer we offer Paddle boards (SUPs) and other lake friendly stuff like a cool platform. In addition to this, we also rent out our electric Car. Contact us to see what is available during your visit!
  • What Motor do you have?
    We have an electric Minn Kota motor, designed for fishing. Why? It is quiet, slow and will allow us to set specific routes on the lake depending on the type of experience you're looking for. More information is coming during Summer 2022!
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