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About Us

We are Diana and Thomas and have lived in Nacka since 2011. When we found our dream property, nestled between a lake and the forest, we knew this was our future home. In 2015 we expanded the house to offer space for our growing family, and since a few years we have rented out part of our home so that many others can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. It is truly mesmerizing to be here!


The last couple of years, which have been transforming and challenging for many, has made us more aware of what we value in life. We have also realized that taking cold baths and showers help us increase focus, vitality and trigger healing. These are some of the reasons why we have bought a sauna boat. Being on the beautiful lake, by the forest, will most certainly increase well-being, and this is why we want to offer our floating sauna to all our neighbors and visitors. It’s an opportunity for more people to enjoy the beauty of Sickla lake and find relaxation and tranquility.


Welcome to our floating sauna boat!

Zen Stones_edited.jpg

Our Vision

We want to bring you the best possible floating sauna experience in Sweden. A sauna that will leave you happy, relaxed and content.

Our Mission

We ensure all our guests receive the highest-quality service and provide sustainable, locally produced products. We create a relaxing environment so that by the time you step into Sickla Sauna your problems and stress are replaced with zen.

Sauna therapy - Everyone, Every time

We, the Backelin family, believe that saunaing is hot all year round - pun intended.

Imagine this - you are sitting on the smooth, warm bench of the steamy sauna, playing your favorite calming tune while you watch the heavy rain outside hit the smoky surface of the lake. 

Now this - you and your best friends are propelling across the waters, mid-summer, with your favorite music playing around you. In your hands are some cool, refreshing drinks and outside in the dashing sun is the cooling water, ready to jump into. 

There are of course many different ways of saunaing, and they’re all just as good. Bring your favorite people, play your favorite music, tailor the Sickla Sauna experience to fit you.  

The Backelin Favourite

If you are anything like us, you have probably encountered the teachings of Wim Hof and felt the need to try his methods out - and persuade all of your friends and family to do so as well. I so, we present to you our favorite method of saunaing: The Ice Bath. 

All you need for The Ice Bath is guts, a link to Wim Hof’s tutorial and we’ll provide the rest here at Sickla Sauna. 

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